Civil War History in the Mississippi Hills

As the Great Conflict engulfed the Mississippi Hills and the Vicksburg Campaign played itself out within its borders, battles pivotal to the outcome of the war took place here. Communities such as Baldwyn, Holly Springs and Corinth became fiercely-contested battlegrounds.

Nathan Bedford Forrest won a significant victory at Brice’s Crossroads in Baldwyn, where today a panoramic national battlefield and interpretive center detail the fighting. At Holly Springs, a surprise Confederate raid on a supply depot caused Grant to withdraw his entire army from the state, an event commemorated by a series of interpretive markers.

In Corinth, “the Crossroads of the Confederacy,” opposing forces faced off in the largest-ever siege in the Western Hemisphere. To fully understand the Siege and Battle of Corinth, visitors can explore the world’s largest collection of existing earthworks, the NPS Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center, and the Corinth Contraband Camp site, where former slaves created a haven for the newly-free.