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The March to Freedom – Tour

If American civil rights was a journey of a thousand steps, those first steps were taken here by some remarkable people. People like Ida B. Wells, who was born a slave and became a hero to millions as a crusading journalist and activist; and James Meredith, an Air Force veteran who’d answered his country’s call […]

Crossroads of the Confederacy – Tour

When it came to fighting in the Mississippi Hills, the Confederate Army may have been outgunned, but it was the Union Army that got outfoxed, repeatedly, as the Confederates stayed in the game by staying on their toes:  their tiptoes, that is.  P.G.T. Beauregard sneaked his men out of Corinth in the dark of night […]

American Cultural Icons – Tour

Let’s start with the facts: the artists of the Mississippi Hills rocked the world, and the roll call of genius you’ll meet on this tour is pretty amazing: artists like Faulkner, Elvis, Tennessee Williams, Howlin’ Wolf. On the page and on the stage, these giants created American culture as we know it, and here in […]

A Land Like No Place Else On Earth . . . Where Dreamers Became Legends.

The Mississippi Hills: Where the cragged peaks of the Appalachian Mountains collide with the flat, rich expanse of the Mississippi Delta. This is the land of dreamers. This is the place where those dreamers helped change the world and became legends in the process. It’s impossible to imagine America without the Mississippi Hills: rich Native […]

Mississippi Hills Exhibit Center

The Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area covers a 30-county region affectionately known as “Hill Country.”  The exhibit center, located in the heart of the region in Tupelo, Mississippi, displays little-known facts about Mississippi’s legends and offers an abundance of information and resources for attractions and things to do throughout the region.  It’s your best stop […]

Early Peoples, Early Visitors

The Hills story begins before recorded time, when the first intrepid hunters tracked great beasts, beating a path that would eventually become the Natchez Trace, a prehistoric progression that unfolds into the present day. The rich Trace narrative at the Natchez Trace Parkway Visitor Center just outside Tupelo. Native American history rises before your eyes […]

Civil War History in the Mississippi Hills

As the Great Conflict engulfed the Mississippi Hills and the Vicksburg Campaign played itself out within its borders, battles pivotal to the outcome of the war took place here. Communities such as Baldwyn, Holly Springs and Corinth became fiercely-contested battlegrounds. Nathan Bedford Forrest won a significant victory at Brice’s Crossroads in Baldwyn, where today a […]

Words and Music

In stories that reshaped the landscape of modern fiction, literary icons from the Hills—or this “postage stamp of native soil” as Nobel-laureate William Faulkner referred to it—helped define contemporary writing in America. Faulkner was born in New Albany and spent most of his adult life in Oxford, which today has become a mecca of southern […]