A Land Like No Place Else On Earth . . . Where Dreamers Became Legends.

The Mississippi Hills: Where the cragged peaks of the Appalachian Mountains collide with the flat, rich expanse of the Mississippi Delta. This is the land of dreamers. This is the place where those dreamers helped change the world and became legends in the process. It’s impossible to imagine America without the Mississippi Hills: rich Native American history that stretches back before recorded history and upward in numerous sacred burial mounds scattered throughout the region; monumental battles during the Civil War and brutal moments during the Civil Rights struggle; powerful southern literature and vibrant music. Your explorations are endless in the Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area: Discover the origins of one creative genius in Tupelo at the birthplace of Elvis; another in Columbus at the boyhood home of the Pulitzer-winning playwright Tennessee Williams; and also in Oxford at Rowan Oak, the beloved refuge of Nobel-winning novelist William Faulkner, where the scrawled notes for A Fable still adorn his office wall.

Travel the trail of the blues and some of the world’s greatest blues artists; plunge into Civil War history at carefully preserved battle sites, museums and interpretive centers. Step in the footsteps of Civil Rights giants, and along the paleo-paths of the first hunter-gatherers.

Here in the Hills we preserve what we prize. That means pristine natural landscapes where you can immerse yourself in outdoor wonders, along the 444-mile Natchez Trace Parkway, the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway which connects the Hills with the Gulf of Mexico or the Tanglefoot Hiking and Biking Trail beginning in New Albany.

That means a lavish stock of magnificent historic homes and architecture, in Columbus, Holly Springs and Aberdeen, all of which are at their finest during pilgrimages in the Spring. You’ll find sensational Southern hospitality everywhere, because if there’s one thing the people of the Mississippi Hills really prize, it’s new friendship with visitors. So come explore our land where dreamers became legends. The Mississippi Hills: A land like no other and a place where you can experience whatever you can imagine.